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Temporary Works.

Our reputation in the design and installation of temporary works has been well-earned. We ensure the integrity of a building or adjacent infrastructure is protected when we design, build and dismantle temporary works.




Vertical and lateral support using proprietary systems, such as scaffolding or steelwork.

Our team of experts take into consideration the current conditions of a building, the immediate surroundings and nearby structures.

We work hard to minimise impact and optimise safety.

Safety and Risk Assessment

Design & Build.

From lateral support to a single wall, to horizontal support for parallel party walls when a building between them is removed, we have the technical expertise and experience to provide a design and build solution that is practical.


Design, Build & Dismantle.

For bespoke solutions, structural steel, scaffolding and combinations of proprietary lightweight pre-formed sections are frequently used.

We manufacture steelwork in our workshop, allowing us to rapidly respond to urgent and unexpected demands from sites.

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Let's discuss to gather further insight into your scheme / project.

Call us today, so we can relate to the scale and the specific requirements of your scheme / project. We have the expertise to work alongside you successfully.

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O’Doherty House, 29 Nobel Road, Edmonton, London, N18 3BH