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Our dismantling and demolition services are carried out in the early stages of a construction project in preparation for the new build to commence.




We offer the full range of demolition services.

Our demolition works are undertaken in commercial, residential and industrial sectors from inception to completion.

Using innovative techniques we take due consideration to the surrounding environment including the health, safety and wellbeing of all parties involved.

Technical Skills and Expertise

Enabling Works.

We take the necessary precautions to make a building or project site ready for construction / redevelopment.

Enabling works results in the site preparation allowing construction teams and materials to enter and begin work safely and efficiently. Whilst enabling neighbouring buildings and infrastructures to continue functioning safely without obstruction.


Total Deconstruction of Buildings.

Deconstruction is the selective dismantlement of building components, a method of demolition generally used for high rise buildings.

Our process involves the deconstruction of the building, floor by floor.

Multi-Storey High-Rise Blocks.

Methods undertaken in the demolition of multi-storey high-rise blocks, is to provide a strong level of control in relation to the structure of the building and protecting those working in and around the demolition site.

Our team has a wealth of technical expertise and experience in the demolition of multi-storey high-rise blocks.


Garages & Bungalows.

In the process of re-engineering the structure of a building in order to accomodate a proposed change, to either correct structural damage or structural defect, we undertake the demolition of garages and bungalows with precision.

Structural modification requires complex planning and the preparation of detailed drawings that are discussed with building control to obtain relevant licenses and permits.

Residential Buildings.

Our competitive advantage in the dismantling and demolition of your residential building, is in our ability to combine our technical innovation, practical experience and extensive resources to deliver project completion on time and within budget.

We are trusted with the most demanding projects from small scale to large residential demolition schemes.


Commercial Buildings.

We provide cost effective and practical solutions to commercial demolition for all types of projects ranging from small to large scale schemes.

The techniques employed by out site staff are tried and tested. Our clients can expect consistent high class contract performance and dedication to quality.

Industrial Structures.

We take great care to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal disruption to the surrounding industrial premises. Only the best equipment and practices are used to ensure industrial structures are dismantled correctly.

We have the technical skill, equipment and professionalism that is necessary to carry out demolition of industrial structures.


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