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Strip Out.

Our team have extensive experience and expertise in stripping out and preparing buildings ready for demolition, redevelopment or refurbishment.




Removing of all non-structural elements inside and outside of a building.

Our team undertake the removal of soft materials such as drywall, wood, T-bar ceilings, carpets, doors, frames, bathroom fixtures, tiles and light fixtures.

We specialise in strip outs of commercial buildings and removal of interior sections of a residential building in preparation for renovation.

Robust Technical Expertise

Total Strip Out.

Our team have a robust technical expertise and experience in Soft Strip of buildings working on projects of all values from small complex projects to large extensive projects of high rise properties.


Partial Strip Out.

Embassy Demolition recycles waste to minimise the volume of soft strip waste going to landfill.

We undertake strip out works as a standalone project or include within our package as we complete overall works to a building / property.

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